Social Network Advertising

Social networks have taken over the world by storm. Online connecting and networking has never before been this popular. The number of people who use social networks increases every day. Since your buyers are also the users of these networks, it is almost certain that your presence on such Internet media will result in greater business success. Facebook is the most suitable network on which to spread your influence and build a large network of users. It is precisely the users who represent your brand and the sales value. This is why prompt and responsive communication on social networks is a key ingredient for success.

On the basis of a market analysis we will develop appropriate ads and a creative for your brand. We regularly perform split testings of your ads and draw up reports based on statistics tracking.


Our approaches to social network advertising vary:

– Advertising through text ads with image thumbnails

– Developing the company’s profile on social networks

– Communicating with social network users and building a fanbase

– Developing simple prize contests for potential buyers

– Developing complex apps for social network users

– Analyzing social network advertising