1. Overview of Cooperation

Why Choose Smart AD

With our assistance and mobile platform we wish to provide our publishers with the best possible monetization of inventory of a mobile app or mobile website. In cooperation multiple global and local networks we have developed a system with which we can improve a publisher’s monetization by more than one hundred percent.

Greater Profit – Pick Your Price

We enable direct access to more than 25 different global and local networks through a single SDK in your app.

Our technology allows you to pick your own price. If you wish for your advertising space to be sold at your price and not at 0.01 CPC, then we have the tool for you which will allow you to select your own price range. This way you will always be within a network guaranteeing that price, while your space will be effectively leased and used up.

A Slovenian Company

We are a one hundred percent Slovenian company that provides Slovenian developers with simple ways to do business in the Slovenian marketplace. We also use local and foreign networks in order to enable a one hundred percent monetization of apps and mobile websites.


With our technology, which contains the Internet of multiple local and global networks, we lease your unsold advertising space, i.e. your inventory. We will help to connect your app to multiple networks so as to keep your ad space full at all times and to ensure an excellent monetization of your app or mobile website.

Regular Payment

As we are fully aware of the current situation concerning non-payers in the Slovenian market we make a special effort to make regular payments to our publishers in order to ensure longterm cooperation.

2. Ad Formats – Smart AD

Mobile Display Ads – Banners

Our mobile ads follow the MMA standards and are usually of sizes 320×50 pix or 300×50 pix on smartphones and 728×90 pix on tablets. Our ads are also MRAID compatible, enabling the use of Rich Media advertising, which usually has a higher CTR.

Oglasi: V datoteki sem pripel tudi MMA PDF v katerem lahko vidiš vse velikosti
Iz leve proti desni:

120×20 MMA Banner
168×28 MMA Banner
216×36 MMA Banner

Druga vrstica iz leve proti desni:

300×50 MMA Banner
320×50 iPhone Banner

Tretja vrstica:
728×90 iPAD Banner

“Izriše se velikosti oglasov in znotraj oglasov poda SMart AD logo”

3. F.A.Q.

How do I start a collaboration?

The process of starting a collaboration is very simple. Let us know if you wish to collaborate by providing basic information, including the link to your app or mobile website. The process is further described in the Integration Instructions. As soon as we determine whether the app or the mobile page meets the terms of cooperation we will send you a notification with all the instructions and codes necessary for integration.

The analysis of an app usually takes place within 24 hours of receiving all the required information.

How do I receive my payment?

You will receive your payment via bank transfer or a PayPal account. The transaction depends on whether the person in question is legal or natural. The payment deadline is within 60 days at the end of a month, e.g. the payment for the month of March will be paid out at the end of May.

What is the minimum amount required to receive a payment?

A transaction from our company to your account is possible only with a minimum amount of €50. In case the required quota is not reached, the amount is simply transferred to the following month.

Any additional questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at:

4. Integration – Instructions

Thank you for trusting our technology and our company. If you wish to start successful collaboration, please let us know of your integration needs at:

For a more convenient analysis of your mobile app or website please provide the following information as well:

1. First and Last Name:
2. E-Mail Address:
3. Telephone Number:
4. Company Name:
5. Link to Your App or Mobile Website: