Digital Advertising Agency Smart AD

We have been a Slovenian market presence since 2009 and consist of a team which boasts more than seven years of experience in online marketing.

We build proper business relationships with our publishers as this is the only way we can ensure quality traffic on an app or website. By getting involved in project development and working with advertising agencies we are able to listen to the publishers’ wishes and offer them advice on building an app.

Modern online marketing strives toward maximum conversion and brand awareness, which is why we advise and assist advertisers in creating advertising campaigns. With our technology and services we provide a strong differentiator in the marketing arena.

Local and Global Advertising

We provide advertising services for Slovenian advertisers in the Slovenian as well as European marketplace. We work with prominent global networks, which is why we can offer our advertisers specific markets and consequently specific users.

The Right Network and Quality Selection of Ads

Our network consists of quality mobile websites and mobile apps. By advertising in our network you will keep your brand safe and secure and will be guaranteed quality traffic. Thoughtful consideration of your wishes based on transparency and contextual reliability is our top priority.