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Digital Advertising Agency Smart AD

An incredibly efficient symbiosis of experts from different but success-wise equally important and intertwining disciplines has been our guarantee for a professional integration of your company in electronic media since 2009.

We offer professional advice in the field of online marketing, comprehensive web strategy design, marketing campaign creation, digital project development related to marketing strategies, optimization, which ensures a high ranking in search results, and top quality banner design, which is certain to increase your business sales.

Our references speak volumes and we also devote a lot of our attention to innovation in our advertising industry.

The expertise and professional experience of Smart AD ensure that you will significantly improve the awareness of your brand, broaden the scope of your marketing influence and consequently increase the success of your business.


Smart AD d. o. o.

Parmova ulica 14
1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: 05 906 93 38
Mobile Phone: 070 703 883
E-Mail: info@smart-ad.si

Current Account: SI56 2900 0005 5660 203
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